Alcalá La Real

Alcala la real

The city of Alcalá La Real earned the royal title because of the important role it played for Spain in medieval history. The people of Alcalá were a big help to the catholic kings (reyes católicos) in winning back southern territory from the muslims. The greatness of the past can still be seen in the amazing Castillo de la Mota which dominates the city and can be spotted already from miles away.


When visiting the castle you will get an audiophone handed over. The story of the old settlement told by the khalif will absorb you and take you back to daily life. What measurements did they use, what did they pay with, who lived there, who passed through and what happened when the enemy approached? Just a few questions of many that will be answered. All this is regularly illustrated by educational films.


The highlight is the cathedral. Never before in your life you saw anything like it. What exactly remains a surprise for you to discover at only 20 minutes by car from Casa La Nuez …