Our own white village, Almedinilla, is also known as “Tierra de sueños”, the land of dreams. In the eighties of the former century the Andalucian government decided to build a new road between Lucena and Alcalá La Real. The purpose of this new road was to open up the region which until then was very remote and unknown. During the necessary excavations the leftovers of a Roman villa were discovered in Almedinilla. The most important find was a statue of the Roman god Hypnos, the god of dreams.

The statue was almost intact and immediately became very important for Roman archeology worldwide as it is one of only two statues in the world which has hardly been damaged. You can see the other one in the Prado in Madrid. In Almedinilla they build a Roman museum where you can admire the statue of Hypnos, together with other finds excavated from the Roman villa.


You can also visit the villa with some fine mosaics. In combination with the visit a 3D movie is shown in the tourist office in front which tells a story about everyday life in the villa.